What are hair plugs?

Hair plugsHair plugs refer to hair transplants for people who are suffering from hair loss and are looking for a permanent solution for this somewhat embarrassing condition.  Even though, the market is overflowing with hair loss products and solutions, hair transplantation of hair plugs is the only treatment which will have a lasting effect and actually allow for new hair to grow back.

Qualified cosmetic surgeons perform these transplants using various techniques, and a variety of sizes of hair plugs.  Depending on the specific case, and the preferences of the client with hair loss problems, the expert surgeons will perform a series of sessions of hair plug transplants by surgically removing healthy hair follicles from a part of the head, which has stable hair growth and will implant them to those areas of the scalp which are lacking hair and live hair follicles. The human hair grows in natural hair follicle units of one to four hairs, so in order to create the most natural look, the cosmetic surgeons now offer the transplant of separate follicles to the balding area, also known as follicular unit extraction.  There are other options though for those with serious hair loss who want a faster and relatively cheaper solution, when the cosmetic surgeon can offer to implant larger grafts with a multitude of healthy hair follicles. To get more hair plugs info you should get a consult at a cosmetic surgery clinic.


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